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The Maledict - Dread - CD

2016 - Transcending Records - tr005
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We are pleased to bring to the US The Maledict's masterpiece Dread.

"This is not for the casual listener. This is not for the feint of heart. This is the sort of music that takes a crowbar to your head, pries open your skull, and inundates your psyche with despair. Dread is the soundtrack to your emotional breakdown as bleak hopelessness dances a psychotic waltz with infernal rage. You have been warned." -

1. Tenebrae 07:46
2. Fast Unto the End 07:13
3. Frozen 07:28
4. Column of Voracious Souls 04:17
5. A Muse in Requiem 12:12
6. Carrion Art 04:52
7. In the Lips and Hearts 02:47
8. Deadened Eyes to the Horizon 11:28
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