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Despondent - The Cosmic Horror - CD

2020 - Transcending Records - cosmic-pre2
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At long last, the brand new album from Despondent!

The Cosmic Horror Tracklist

1 Descent Into Bedlam (Ft. Anthony Wintrich)
2 Great Race of Yith (ft Kristian Duran)
3 Dimensional Shambler (Ft. Anthony Wintrich and James Shuster)
4 Paradise Lost (ft Kristian Duran and Nick Young)
5 Ex Oblivione (Ft. Calvin Banning and Connor Welsh)
6 Grotesque Mockery of Reality (Ft. JJ Polachek, Anthony Wintritch, Richie Dolbow, Trint Taylor, and Nick Burke)
7 Shoggoth (Ft. Kyle Medina, Michael Allen Jacques, Vincent Lugo)
8 Bluffs of Suicide (Ft. Micah Wagner and Jamie Hanks)
9 The Black Goat In The Woods (Ft. Kristan Duran)
10 All That Ever Was And All That Ever Will Be (Ft. Kristian Durian and Jerret Aubert)
11 tekeli-li (prod. by yung vein)
12 A Light Shining In Darkness (Ft. Jake Maki and Devin MacGillivray)
13 stargazer (prod. by NANCY)
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